5 tips to boost engagement that leads to grow your Instagram account

Due to the Instagram algorithm, you have noticed a drop in your followers and decrease in post engagement. Instagram engagement is the key factor to grow a number of followers. If you are brand or business and use Instagram to reach the customers then you need to follow some tips to boost Instagram engagement that in turns grow your account. You can also buy real Instagram followers to gain followers for your account. In this post, we will discuss 5 tips to boost engagement that help you to gain new followers.

Be Strategic With Your Instagram Hashtags:

Hashtags have more importance to boost engagement. Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again. Moreover, don’t use banned hashtags with your posts because your post will not show up on the hashtag page that you use with your post. Use the mix of relevant, branded and popular hashtags with your posts.

Post When Your Audience Is Most Active:

If you want to generate more engagement then you should post when your audience is most active. Schedule your post to get more likes and comments. If a post gets more likes and comment after the first hours of publishing the post, Instagram algorithm give priority and your post score the top place at the explore page of Instagram. The more you get engagement, the more people will see your post and visit your profile-means more followers.

Add a Call To Actions to All Your Instagram Posts:

If you want to boost your post engagement then adding a call to actions is the best way that can go a very long way. Remember to include it in your post captions and at the end of your profile bio. It is a good way to inspire the audience to engage with your post and spend some time to view your post. It increases the engagement and Instagram select the post to exploring page which has more likes and comments

Join an Instagram Pod:

Chronological posts are no more on Instagram as it has switched to the algorithmic feed. That’s why everyone finds a way to beat its algorithm to grow their account or considering buying followers to get followers within a few minutes. The other way is to join the Instagram pods that are in the community of 10 to 15 bloggers or brands that have the same target market and work together to increase post engagement.

Be More Active on Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories is a creative and fun way to grab the attention of people but it can also help you to increase Instagram engagement. In fact, you can get more engagement by Instagram stories than regular posts. Most of the people watch stories rather than scrolling down boring newsfeeds. It is said that when your posts are not performing well then post an interesting Instagram story, it will help you to boost engagement. You can run story ads or buy followers to get more followers fast.

5 Tips by Bloomberg To Maximize the Business Performance on Instagram

Bloomberg has been following the Instagram platform from last year. The report shows that Bloomberg has increased its Instagram following up to 391 %, which is really good. For this article we will discuss the five strategy tips that Bloomberg stated to make the Instagram performance better than before.

High Quality Graphics

The first Instagram strategy tip is, use the graphics design to elaborate the given information related to the business element. For example, to create certain polls around the world and to convey their main message to the public can be really difficult and time consuming. When graphics design is added into this process, it gets easy for the users to understand the message behind the post. This can be done through colorful charts, graphs and maps. You can easily use the graphics to showcase your business content for the people or even just for your employees.

Use of Quotes

The second Instagram strategy tip from Bloomberg is, use the Inspirational Quotes from the Business Leaders. This allows the people to engage more with the business and reach success. These quotes can be powerful for the businesses. Bloomberg showed that the businesses should use the inspirational quotes which also aligns with their business purpose and its philosophy.

Track All Data

The third strategy tip is to track the data. It is recommended to track your social posts that which of your posts are doing great with the public and which are not that influential. You should be able to analyze the behavior of the Instagram audience that what do they like and which posts make them to engage more. Bloomberg stated that the posts related to the business tycoons such as Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and Elon Musk get more engagement because of the admiration from the followers.

It is important to post according to the social media platform. Bloomberg does not post the same thing on the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It posts according to the nature of the platform which is why they are maximizing the performance of their business.

Keep Posts Simple

The fourth tip is to keep it simple. Due to the lower attention span of users it is important to keep the posts simple and to the point. The Instagram audience loves to scroll quickly through the posts, so it is recommended to present your post in such a way that the user engages with it. Looking for the topics that your audience is interested in is also very important. Along with this users should not try to overdo the posts with too much information. This can be overwhelming and most of the time people don’t read the post.

Stories Feature is a key to success

The fifth and the final tip is to use the stories feature. Bloomberg use this feature in a very simple way. It uses simple attractive pictures which aligns with their posts. These stories are used to drive the traffic towards the official website. Instagram allows the users to integrate polls and Q&A’s in the stories. Bloomberg takes full advantage of this feature too and also advise other businesses to do the same.


Americans Love Pizza More Than Ever

Day or night, morning or evening, breakfast or a dinner, if it is for an American person the 23% of them must eat their food as a pizza. In the early 19th century pizza is not much more introduced to a world not even in an America, while the late 19th century brings a revolutionary change in the American food routines. Now according the American agriculture management the use of a cheese in America has been increased to 40%. Pizza is a very natural product. It is a combination of a 4 to 5 natural products while in America the 6th one is a bear with it.

  • Business revolution

Before the mid of the 19th century there are very few shops of a pizza in America while after the mid of 19th century the revolutionary has come in the field of pizza’s business. The large no of restaurants starts offering pizza. Since then a new product is presented to an American nation that highly spread out all over the world. According to a survey an Americans eat more than 3.5 billion pizza’s in a year. And this becoming a very popular business day by day.

  • Origin of a pizza

Pizza is basically an Italian product. In the very early stage of a pizza marketing the ingredients of the pizza is directly imported from the Italian areas. The first pizza maker is appeared in a New York   that is very close to the Italy. In the early months he baked a simple pizzas while with the passage of time the verities of pizzas grabs the market very strongly. Then the Italians comes do the different large cities of the America and opened there franchise. In the early Stage they offer simple pizzas while when this food becomes famous they brings the variety of an Italian pizzas to the America and it becomes the first love of the Americans.

  • Less costly food

In all over the America the cost of the pizza is normally less than the other products. The cost of a slice in an America is in a cents. The families who cannot afford a happy and costly meal they happily eat a pizza. It is not so highly effective to their pockets while give a maximum pleasures to them.

  • Usage difference between girls and boys

In America, almost all the people eat pizza.it is a food liked by every gender irrespective of any age. According a survey women eat less pizza in contrast to the men. While the girls of the age of the 9 to 19 eat more pizza than the young boys. The 35% of energy of American people for daily routine is gained by eating pizza.

  • Famous pizza

American people mostly like the spices. The most delicious and famous pizza that American’s like is a peperoni pizza. Fajita and Sicilian are also a well-liked taste in America.

Normally on birthday or in other party’s parents always suggest to order or bake a pizza. In the gathering of friends they prefer eating spicy pizza with sauce and a vine.

What is global warming?

From the past 50 years now, it is found that the average global temperatures have increased at a very high rate. This has broken any records of the history. Geologists have found that this pattern has not stopped accelerating and something has to be done immediately.

1.How is global warming caused?

Basically global warming is caused by pollutants that are released into the air. These pollutants include Carbon dioxide gas, soot, smoke, mold, pollen, methane. Specifying the case, carbon dioxide, some other air polluting gases and some greenhouse gases have the ability to collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiations that reflect back from the Earth’s surface. These pollutants have the ability to accumulate in the atmosphere of the Earth from years to even centuries. This is why heat is trapped in this layer and the Earth gets warmer and warmer as time passes. This is called the greenhouse effect.

2.Global warming resulting in other extreme weather conditions

Scientists and geologists have suggested that these increasing temperatures of the Earth are actually accelerating heat waves, frequently occurring of droughts, heavy rainfalls and disastrous hurricanes. The temperature of the oceans of the Earth are also rising. This means that tropical storms, if occurred, can be really powerful as they will have greater energy levels. The results of global warming have spread through out the globe now. Severe heat waves have killed tens of thousands of people in entire world, in a time span of just a few years.

3.How to prevent global warming?

  • Drive less, this is how you can save fuel as well as save the Earth from any further damage. Use public transport rather than a personal car or motorcycle. Use a bicycle for nearby trips, this is a great way of exercise too.
  • Get solar panels installed on your rooftop. This is how you can avoid using many non-renewable resources of fuel and hence, help in preventing global warming.
  • Reduce the amount of waste you are generating. The landfills are the main sources of methane and many other pollutants. When the waste is burnt, many toxic gases release into the Earth’s atmosphere and further contributes in global warming. Try recycling things as much as possible. Buy products that have minimum packaging on them. Shop from no-waste markets that promote recycling. This is one way you can avoid making waste.
  • Plant trees where you can. Planting trees will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. Trees will not only reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air we breathe, but also increase the levels of oxygen as a result of photosynthesis.
  • Make sure you tune your car every now and then. Tuning your car regularly will ensure that it functions effectively and hence, releases less amounts of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Do not waste water. Take short showers and do not brush your teeth while keeping the tap water running.

Grammys Update: Lady Gaga’s Performance Shakes Internet

This year the Grammy Awards Show just like in the previous years was involved with new and old artists gathered around to attend the awards show. The whole awards show was filled with amazing performances by the artists. Different performances were of different genres of musicians which is great as it covers the whole audience which present there and the millions of people who are watching it on the internet feel good when they see they favourite artist performing their favourite music. This was the night when the female rapper Cardi B made history becoming the first female rapper to win the Grammy Award for the ‘Best Rap Album’ of the year 2019. Of all the performances the most outstanding performance was from the singers Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson. Both of them performed on the stage with hit song of the year known as ‘Shallow’.

Grammy awards show 2019

Lady Gaga’s performance at the Grammy awards show 2019 was really great. The singer performed with Mark Ronson playing the hit song from the movie ‘A Star is Born’ named Shallow. Lady Gaga gave a different look than her character in the movie. She gave a full rocked up performance. The song by Lady Gaga took the award for the Best Original Song at the Golden Globes and the singer was nominated for the Best Actress in the Golden Globes Awards show. Lady Gaga in her whole career of music has won six Grammy Awards and her co-performer for the night has won five Grammy Awards in his whole music career.

Award for ‘Best Pop Duo / Group Performance’

In today’s Grammy Awards show Lady Gaga took away three Grammy awards which makes total of nine Grammy awards for the amazing singer. One Grammy Award is for the ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’ for the song ‘Joanne (Where do you think you are going)’. Second Grammy Award is for the ‘Best Pop Duo / Group Performance’ for the song ‘Shallow’. This award is shared with the famous actor Bradley Cooper who also collaborated within this song. The third Grammy Award was for the ‘Best Song written for Visual Media’ for the song ‘Shallow’.

Other Awards

The singer has won the other six Grammy awards for ‘Best Electronic / Dance Album’, ‘Best Dance Recording’, ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’, ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’, ‘Best Short Form Music Video’ and ‘Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album’. The singer has also been three times nominated for the ‘Album of the Year’ in three consecutive years which are 2010, 2011 and 2012. Lady Gaga is a really talented singer, she surprised the world with her amazing acting in her latest movie ‘A Star is Born’ . The singer has also been Golden Globe Nominee and Oscar nominee for the ‘Best Actress’.

A Guide for Choosing the Best Diaper for Your Baby

One of the most fundamental things that parents need to get accustomed to once their dear piece of heart arrives into this world is diapers. Besides food, diapers are the next most essential accessory that must be present for the baby’s use. Choosing diapers seem to be a very simple activity to the majority of people but in reality, this is not the case. Babies have the most delicate and sensitive skin so parents must be extremely careful and vigilant while choosing a diaper. There are numerous factors that go into choosing and ultimately buying the ideal pack of diapers. Here are a few features that should be unquestionably considered when going out for diaper shopping.

Super absorbent

Absorbency is the most important feature when it comes to buying diapers. Whether it is a disposable diaper or cloth diaper, it should be super absorbent. With regard to diapers, absorption is the measure of how well the diaper holds the liquid. More absorption prevents any leakage from occurring and also prevents any moist contact between the diaper and baby. Being exposed to moisture for even a short time period of time can lead to rashes on baby’s skin. Hence super absorbent diapers are preferable.

Best fit to avoid leaks

Different diaper companies have different diaper sizes. Diapers are sized according to a baby’s age and weight. Understanding the size charts and then making the decision is very important as oversized diapers can lead to frequent leakages. Parents may have to try a handful of sizes to find the best fit for their baby.

Comfortable and soft

Keeping the baby comfortable is very important and this requires the diaper to be soft. A soft diaper is very gentle on the baby’s delicate skin thus securing him from having any sort of irritation or in extreme cases rashes. The diaper should also be stretchy so that it is comfortably adjusted as well as changed.

Wetness indicator

A wetness indicator is a coloured line on the diaper. This line usually changes its colour from yellow to blue which serves as an indicator that the diaper is wet and needs to be changed. This is a very convenient feature for parents and helpful for babies as well so that they get the timely diaper change.


Many diaper brands have shifted their attention towards producing diapers that are eco-friendly and minimize the carbon footprint. This prevents excess waste as diapers eventually have to be disposed of and end up in a landfill. Furthermore, producing diapers requires a lot of energy as well as water. Thus it is important that parents choose the diapers that are sustainable as well as eco-friendly.


Purchasing diapers ultimately depend upon the parent’s budget that is how much they have and are willing to spend. The previously mentioned features must be considered and researched once the budget has been set. Doing research before purchasing also saves cost. Keeping in mind the budget, the brand that provides all the required features must be selected.

A good diaper possesses all the above features that make it perfect for the baby’s use. Hence it is important to keep in mind all the essential traits while choosing the best diaper for the little bundle of joy.





Flowers show expression of love, briefly explain.

To reveal your love for the other person there are many ways like giving him a ring or other costly gifts, while there is a more affecting and a popular way of expressing your love to other and that is presenting a flowers to your dear ones.

  • Flowers and a Love

Flowers are the view of transmitting your feelings to the dear ones. The love and flowers are directly interconnected. The love needs a relations while the relations are of many types. Like for parents, for siblings, for friends and also for your life partner. Different flowers have their different causes and the effects for the different relations. These flowers have their secret language with whom he communicate with the others.

  • Types and their causes

There are thousands of kinds of flowers in the world. Every flower has its on specific purpose to the receiver as well as presenter. Here I only discuss some famous types of flowers.

  • Roses

There are further some kinds of roses that express different feelings. If you met a person and you like him and you want to gift him a flower you must chose the pink rose. If you met him for a very first time and you starts loving him you must select a spike rose. In the end if he is you want to propose someone you must select a red rose.

When you are going to share your unromantic love with your friends you must select a light pink colored rose. The combination of white and red roses have the meaning of sincerity and love. The tea colored rose refers the meaning of the lifetime relations with friends. It shows a love for a longtime relationships.

  • Tulips and other flowers

Instead of every time giving a roses there are many other type of flowers to represent your feelings. Red colored tulip flower shows the first sight love for a person. Yellow colored tulips express the importance of the receivers smile to the presenter. The Camilla flowers mostly describes the long distance relationships love.

All these types shows a love for others. It clearly describes that flowers are the best symbol for a love. Actually every natural thing express a love. The natural things are the pure love of nature, as flowers are the best nature’s beauty to represent a love. Receiving a flowers from your loved one as a gift is really a best feeling in the world. While presenting a flower instead of packing it in plastic coated things you must prefer the natural woody things is a more attractive. There are many other things like hanging strings and the bushes of a trees that are well polished.

  • Selection of a right flower

The most difficult task at the end is the selection of the best flower. Before selecting a type of a flower you must keep in my mind about the nature and the importance of a person whom you are going to present a gift. Also think about the place where the gift is being presented.